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  • Carpigiani at sigep 2018 - world premier of the technology that revolutionizes the laws of recipe balancing and increasingly efficient solutions for retail foodservice entrepreneurs
Rimini, Italy, 20.01.2018
Carpigiani booth - Hall C1/061 (Fiera di Rimini, 20-24 January 2018)

Rimini, 20 January 2018 - Sigep 2018 will be an unprecedented edition for Carpigiani, the historic Bolognese company and world leader in the manufacturing of equipment for artisanal gelato. Within its more than 1000 square meters of exhibition space in Hall C1 will be premiered the new Hard-O-Dynamic Adaptive technology that makes it possible to rewrite the rules of traditional recipe balancing, producing, for example, gelato and sorbets without added sugar. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the company's Research and Development division and the instructors of Carpigiani Gelato University, with batch freezers from the HE line (Maestro HE and Labotronic HE) and the Ideatre counter with incorporated batch freezer in separate tubs it will be possible to balance recipes until now considered impossible, with an average reduction in solids (sugars, fats, milk proteins, emulsifiers, fibers) of 40%. With this mode, for example, you can create a delicious and creamy strawberry sorbet that contains only the fruit's natural sugar and no other added sweetener.
More than 100 machines will be available for demonstrations with the assistance of Carpigiani technicians and instructors from Carpigiani Gelato University. Designed around a pathway that winds through special settings like a cocktail bar, a pizzeria, a kiosk on the beach and areas dedicated to demonstrations, the exhibition space will present the best technology and new solutions for businesses.
A new area is dedicated to Carpigiani Gelato University - Foodservice Professionals, the training program launched in 2017 and based in London with a mission to develop new skills for chefs and pastry chefs of restaurants, hotels, catering & banqueting, including gelato in the menu from the most elaborate desserts to savory dishes. The world of gelato pastry is featured in the area of ​​Gelato Pastry University, the world's first such school, established in 2015 in Tokyo to develop a new segment in the pastry sector and spread the culture of artisanal gelato.

Carpigiani Gelato University, the international gelato school with 13 campuses worldwide and 7,000 students a year of all nationalities, celebrates its 15th anniversary with a conference space equipped for a series of workshops, meetings and presentations of books in different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese). There is also a new area dedicated to customer care and after-sales service that will present cutting-edge solutions for the fast and efficient management of technical assistance.
Finally, the Gift Shop of Carpigiani Gelato Museum where visitors can discover sweet creations dedicated to the world of gelato like T-shirts, earrings, necklaces, rings, and much more.
Carpigiani will be one of the engines driving Sigep 2018 with more than 400 machines available for gelato artisans, chefs, and pastry chefs.
Historic and international companies like Comprital, Barry Callebaut, Bussy, Fabbri, Elenka, Mec3, Nestlè, PreGel, Valrhona and many others have decided to rely on Carpigiani's technology and service. As sponsor of the Gelato World Cup, Carpigiani will supply the equipment for the 12 teams competing for the two-year title.
The booth will also host the press conference for a preview of the Gelato Festival, presenting new developments on a European and international level. The "Alberto Pica Memorial" contest organized by SIGA - Association of Italian Gelato Artisans will be another event supported by Carpigiani during Sigep 2018.
New developments revealed at Sigep 2018 regarding Carpigiani Professional and Carpigiani Chain Solutions
A technology that evolves and becomes intelligent to ensure the best result for artisanal gelato artisans all over the world, this is what visitors will find in the Carpigiani Professional area dedicated to artisan gelato will find. Among the new developments the Hard-O-Dynamic Adaptive technology, the latest evolution of Carpigiani well-known consistency control system, with which it is possible to freeze gelato recipes that up until now were considered impossible, with an average reduction of 40% of the total solids using batch freezers of the HE line and on Ideatre. Great emphasis also on pasteurizers equipped with an exchange pump cup, a technology patented by Carpigiani that allows superior micronization of the mixture with a surprising reduction of the fat globules, reaching a size of 2-5 microns.
Ideatre is also the cornerstone of a methodology designed for pastry chefs and gelato artisans who want to enhance their creativity by simplifying operations at points of sale, entrusting production to their employees without sacrificing high quality. Based on this idea, Carpigiani launched an area dedicated to the concept of "Centralized Mix Production" with a shelf life of 15 days. Technicians will be available to illustrate the financial and logistical advantages for entrepreneurs who supply multiple points of sale like cafés, pizzerias, and restaurants.
One of the new developments in the world of soft gelato is ParadICE, the new concept for soft gelato flavored using capsule technology developed in collaboration with Sarong, world leader in the production of coffee pods. Operation is simple: the customer purchases the desired flavor capsule at the cash register, places it in the machine, and the gelato is ready to be enjoyed. Also of interest is the 161 G SP, a compact counter-top soft machine with vertical ventilation flow (air intake from the base and vertical venting) so that it can be easily situated among other retail foodservice equipment and easily maintained. Standing out among the various settings is the beach kiosk with the new 193 GP, equipped with pump and gravity system for recipes of different densities to taste a mix of light and refreshing gelatos and sorbets.
Special events organized by Carpigiani Gelato University
The Carpigiani Gelato University classroom with 36 sessions at visitors' disposal will alternate laboratories and book presentations. One of the must-see workshops is "Challenging the laws of recipe balancing. Gelato with low solids and no added sugar" that will be held every day on 20-24 January at 12:30 pm (in Italian) and 3:30 pm (in English). A singular opportunity to find out which technologies to use and how to balance new recipes that make it possible to produce milk-based gelato with very low solid content and, for example, without added sugars, while still maintaining a perfect structure that is soft and creamy.
On 22 January at 10 am a press conference regarding the Gelato Festival will be held to present news about the international gelato competitions leading up to the next World Final to be held in 2021. New this year are the Gelato Festival Challenges, born from the experience of the Gelato World Tour, which for three years will select participants from around the world during stages open to the public to identify those who will qualify as the 36 world finalists. Carpigiani Gelato University is a strategic partner of the event together with Sigep - Italian Exhibition Group. Gino Fabbri, pastry world champion, will be a guest at the Carpigiani space on 23 January at 11:30 am for the presentation of the "Pastry and Gelato Training Center in Mozambique", a solidarity project promoted by the Rotary Club Bologna Valle dell'Idice, Rotary District 2072, Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani Foundation, Agape Foundation for the Scalabrinian Sisters Center of Ressano Garcia.
Books dedicated to artisanal gelato culture will also be presented. First up on 20 January at 4:30 pm is I Quaderni di Alice - Nuova dimensione del Gelato Soft (Alice's Notebooks – Gelato Soft. New look) by Alice Vignoli, an instructor of Carpigiani Gelato University, in partnership with Roberto Luraghi and Antonio Amati of Vanilla Prelibata gelato shop. The book is published by Editrade and will be introduced by Franco Cesare Puglisi, the company's managing editor.  This will be followed on 22 January again at 4:30 pm by the presentation of Ispirazioni. Tecniche di decorazione in pasticceria (Inspirations. Decoration Techniques in the Pastry Shop) published by Chiriotti Editore with the authors Carmelo Moffa and Antonio Capuano, award-winning pastry chefs, and Livia Chiriotti.
One more idea: fresh cheese with Cheesemaster and the Accademia Internazionale dell'Arte Casearia (Pav. C4 - stand 035)
Also present at Sigep 2018 is Cheesemaster, the innovative mini-dairy created by Carpigiani and Latteria Perenzin and the Accademia Internazionale dell'Arte Casearia and Carpigiani Gelato University. The innovative Carpigiani-Perenzin dairy system is the result of a combination of advanced engineering technology and extensive knowledge of dairy technology. A machine specifically designed for those gelato artisans who want to add the production of fresh cheese and yogurt to their business. Yogurt gelato and recipes using ricotta and mascarpone will never be the same again.
For more information visit www.carpigiani.com or come see us at Hall C1, where the Carpigiani Team will guide you through the world of gelato.

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