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  • Carpigiani gelato pastry university - special seminar by the italian team, gold medalist, from 2015 edition of coupe du monde de la pÔtisserie
Tokyo, 11.07.2016
2016 October 6th - 7th @Japan Pastry College (Tokyo)

Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University (http://gelatopastryuniversity.com) is an innovative project founded last year in order to merge the food culture of Gelato and Pastry. As a first step to accomplish its big mission to spread the awareness of “Gelato Pastry” as a new category of dessert, Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University has organized a special seminar in Tokyo, Japan.
This seminar will reveal for the first time original recipes and production processes of gelato pastries interpreted by the Italian Team, gold medalist, from 2015 edition of Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, a renowned international pastry competition in which over 20 countries compete with its team of top pastry chefs. The final round of this competition is held biannually at the tradeshow in Lyon, France. This special seminar is a truly unique occasion to learn the secrets of Gelato Pastry from world’s most skilled pastry chefs who have achieved one of the most prestigious recognition in the world of pastry professionals. To attend the seminar, download the sign up form.

What is Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University?

A unique training program whose mission is to develop new ways to merge traditional Italian gelato and high-level pastry. Structured to perform as a laboratory of ideas focused on high quality, Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University offers participants a high-level curriculum, employing part of the world-renowned Carpigiani Gelato University’s methods and objectives.
With the faculty member composed of top class chefs from the cold-dessert industry including gelato and pastry, the school offers courses regularly to train professionals in the sector to raise their skills on an international level.

The headquarters is located at the Carpigiani Japan premises. Carpigiani has chosen Japan as the location of its headquarter because it is a country where the art of pastry has reached maximum levels of perfection and innovation. The challenge is to develop a new segment of pastry that features the culture of artisan gelato.

Outline of Special 1 Day Seminar 

Title          Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University   Special Seminar

Gelato Pastry Course by the Italian Team, Gold Medalist, from 2015 edition of Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

■HP URL      http://gelatopastryuniversity.com/

Date/Time  1st  date  Thursday, October 6th 2016 10:0017:00

                   2nd  date  Friday, October 7th 2016 10:0017:00

                   (contents of the two dates are the same)

Course Contents

                   Demonstration of new Gelato Pastry recipes by each instructor (planned menu)

                             Entremet Glacé “Black Forrest” by Francesco Boccia

                             Assiette Dessert “Fruit Explosion” by Fabrizio Donatone

                             Single Portion “Mont Blanc” by Emmanuele Forcone

                    Talk ShowHow the team trained and worked to obtain the gold medal at Coupe de Monde)MC:Alessandro RaccaDirector, Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University


Alessandro RACCA

Son of a pastry-chef and pastry-chef himself, Alessandro is heir to a long-standing tradition of pastry-making in Turin, Italy.

He is specialized in naturally leavened pastry, mignon pastry, chocolate making (technique and practice), gelato and semifreddo production, business organization and management and the HACCP set of problems.

He has worked with Carpigiani for various years, achieving approval both in Italy and abroad. 

Director of Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University since 2015 and coordinates the instructor team and the course operation.


■Venue        Japan Pastry College  (2-24-21 Kaminoge Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan) 

Target       Pastry Chefs, Gelato Chefs

Organizer   Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University,  Team Massari by Agrimontana

■Support    Italian Embassy in Japan            CAST Alimenti

 Italian Trade Agency All Japan Confectionary Association         Federation of Japan Confectionary Associations

■Special Support    Japan Food Journal

Sponsors      Agrimontana       Domori          Silikomart Professional        Irinox             IFI

Price          18,000VAT included, lunch included)


Instructors are members of Team Massari by Agrimontana and this special seminar is a co-organization between Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University and Team Massari by Agrimontana.

Emmanuele FORCONE

He is the youngest member of Italian Pastry Masters Academy.  At the age of 30, he had already won the title of Italian Pastry Champion three times. In 2011, he founded the Artistic Sugar Academy, which soon became an international point of reference for the artisitic sugar training. He provides consultancy and trainings in schools, pastry shops and enterprises in Italy and abroad (in 2012 in Australia) ; he also writes for magazines and he is the artistic director for pastry and chocolate in  in the famous pastry shop "Pannamore", in Abruzzo.

Contest Awards :

·          2003 First Place in the Italian Pastry Junior Championship at Sigep in Rimini.

·           2004 First Place for the best entremets at International Match against France “Challenge in Barletta”.

·           2005 First Place in the Italian Pastry Senior Championship at Sigep in Rimini.

·          2007 member of the Italian national team, which gained the third place in the "Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2007"

·          2009 Admission to the Italian Pastry Masters Accademy (the youngest master).

·          2010 First Place in the Italian Pastry Senior Championship at Sigep in Rimini ;

·          2010 First Place at « Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie » italian selection, category « artistic sugar ».

·           2011 Vice World Champion at “Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie”.

·          2013 He becomes Marcello Boccia’s trainer, First Place in the category « artistic sugar » in Lyon.

·           2015 Golden Medal at Coup edu Monde de la Pâtisserie, Lyon.

Francesco BOCCIA

Born as third generation in a renowned pastry  chef family and he starts to follow the example s for his father and his grandfather from youth. His passion for this sweet, however  extremely complex , industry pushes him immediately to get involved with contests and competitions; first national and then international. When he was only 21, he won the first place in the “Italian Championship Junior Pastry”. By the time he discovers his love for chocolate and in 2011 he participates to the “World Chocolate Masters” and he gains the 2° place.  In 2012 he takes part in « Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie » italian selection : he’s declared Senior Pastry  Italian Champion 2012 and he wins the press award for the best dessert. Then he participate to the World Cup on January 27, 2013 with his brother Marcello (also pastry chef) and Master Lucca Cantarin and together they gain the Bronze Medal, behind France and Japan. In 2015 he wins the Golden Medal  participating in Coupe Du Monde de la Pâtisserie, Lyon.


Young pastry chef star from Rome.  He has already received many recognitions and awards: In 2004 Golden Medal and National Artistic Pastry Champion in the Italian Internationals (Massa Carrara); Golden Medal at Montecatini Terme trophy, category « sugar » ; Silver Medal at the Olympics in Erufrt (Germany), category « sugar ». in 2005 Golden Medal and Special Award for the best piece in sugar at ARTISTICA 2005, Rimini. In 2006 Winner of the Italian national selection for the World Cup Pastry, category "sugar" with Fabrizio Galla and Angelo Di Masso. In 2007 Bronze Medal at World Cup Pastry, Lyon, with Fabrizio Galla e Angelo di Masso and Winner of the special press award for the best Chocolate Cake. In 2015 Golden Medal at Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, Lyon.


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