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  • Carpigiani is highly efficient: ideatre, maestro he, labotronic he, labo xpl p and xvl 3 self service
Bologna, 17.01.2014

Carpigiani has chosen Sigep (18-22 January 2014, Rimini Fiera), the International exhibition for the artisan production of gelato, pastry, confectionery, and bakery, for the debut of five new machines: IdeaTre, Maestro High Efficiency, Labotronic High Efficiency, Labo Xpl P, and XVL 3 Self Service.

IdeaTre is a machine that will revolutionize the retail food world. It reinvents shop architecture, revolutionizes processes, and puts on a show. IdeaTre perfectly encapsulates production, storage, and presentation of the many artisanal gelato specialties.

With IdeaTre, gelato artisans add value with creativity, preparing gelato right in front of customers, involving them with exclusive recipes and production aromas, like fresh fruit and spreadable chocolate and hazelnut creams, original complements to high-quality artisanal production.

But IdeaTre can also make sorbets, slushes, mousse, pastry creams, jams, poached fruit, sauces, and savory creams for other interesting creations in both the sweet and savory worlds. The machine has a compact, linear design, with four vertical cylinders dropped into a work counter, and can be installed in multiples (8, 12, 16, 24…) according to production plans. Each cylinder can be heated to 105°C (221°F) and then dropped in only a few minutes to -15°C (5°F). Each four-cylinder module can produce 10-130 kg/h in just one linear meter of space.


The biggest advantage? The artisan can finally dedicate the proper attention to customers. It has never been this simple to take care of customers: explain recipes, intrigue viewers by producing gelato as they watch, attract with aromas, build loyalty, and motivate to taste the wide range of sweet and savory flavors of artisanal gelato, quality pastry, and creative cuisine.


Maestro HE and Labotronic HE are the new high efficiency Carpigiani batch freezers, providing faster production and greater flexibility (production batches can be as little as 25% of full capacity), first in their category for performance, convenience, safety, hygiene, and savings.


Carpigiani’s high efficiency technology, governed by an exclusive algorithm that electronically controls thermostatic valves, and featuring high efficiency electrical motors and new high-performance condensers, determines the maximum performance of the gelato freezing cycle, providing great savings in production time, as well as electrical and water consumption.


Compared to ten-year-old efficient gelato machines, the new line delivers a 30% global savings for gelato production.


Maestro High Efficiency is magnificent. It incorporates all the gelato experience of the Carpigiani Labotronic and all the best pastry performance of the Carpigiani Pastochef, for a total of 32 complete gelato and pastry programs. Maestro HE features many qualities and innovations. It maintains the consistency of the gelato as it comes out of the machine thanks to a post-cooling cycle, which pumps cold temperatures into the gelato as it is extracted. Extraction speeds can be adjusted at will to facilitate the distribution of toppings on the gelato. It reduces risks of injury thanks to rounded corners. In the event of accidental stoppage an automatic defrost procedure is activated so that production can restart rapidly.

With Hot-Cold-Dynamic®, Maestro HE regulates heat and cold according to the food being produced, for perfect results every time.


Labotronic High Efficency is indispensable. There is just one button for many programs. The machine offers many new solutions, like cold storage of gelato residue remaining in the cylinder between one production cycle and another. Rounded corners reduce the risk of injury. The front panel and the cylinder are one piece, allowing for maximum cleanliness and hygiene, and eliminating infiltrations of humidity. The sprayer is located on the front of the machine to avoid crossing over the door. The steel panels are treated with Scotch Brite to reduce staining.

With Hard-O-Dynamic®, Labotronic HE regulates the cold temperatures as necessary for the type and quantity of gelato being produced.


Labo XPL P is a batch freezer that is easy to use and simple to manage, useful in any gelato shop production area. It has three variable freezing programs for different kinds of gelato: milk-based gelato, fruit gelato, and cremolata. The sprayer, featuring a locking function, is positioned on the front of the machine to make cleaning easier. All commands remain accessible when the hopper cover is open so that the operator can start production while adding mix, and the operations of adding mix and extracting gelato are done standing straight. The cylinder and the front panel are one piece to facilitate cleaning and hygiene, and the extraction chute is removable so all residues can be removed completely. The Labo XPL P can be equipped with two optionals: a steel door (instead of a polymer one) and a tray mat that holds trays firmly in position while gelato is worked on.


XVL 3 Self Service is the machine designed for self-service gelato shops, a trending business that has seen growth both in Italy and abroad. It has two dispensers with locked levers, a generous dispensing area, and electronic production control. The machine is very versatile because each cylinder can be fed either by pump or gravity depending on the type of gelato you want to produce. It has four pivoting wheels to facilitate moving, a detachable control panel, and the Teorema system for monitoring and controlling the machine via web. 

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