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Londra, 03.11.2017

November 2017 will mark an exciting occasion for the gelato industry in the UK as professional chefs from across the globe will head to London to participate in Carpigiani’s exclusive Gelato University Foodservice Professionals course. Bookings are now being taken for the inaugural event, covering module one, held on Monday 27th November from 9am to 4pm.

Taught at Carpigiani UK’s state-of-the-art Development Kitchen in Park Royal, London, the exclusive one day course, solely designed for experienced professional chefs, will be led by Carpigiani UK’s Training and Development Chef, Michele Stanco, who formerly headed the pastry team at Heston Blumenthal’s, 3-Michelin Starred, Fat Duck restaurant in Bray.

The first module is aimed at professional chefs with an interest in learning more about the theory and practice of authentic artisan gelato and sorbet. Up to nine participants will gain a unique insight into gelato for restaurant menus and investigate the science behind achieving consistent, professional desserts, through theoretical and practical training throughout the day.

Chefs will be able to expand their knowledge by learning about the common pitfalls of gelato making, helping them to understand in greater depth the role that fats, stabilisers and sugars have in the creation of high quality gelato and sorbet. Michele Stanco will use his many years of gelato expertise to enhance chefs’ understanding of flavour profiling, and to explain the technical reasons for common gelato making pitfalls such as the formation of ice crystals, and overly high sweetness levels in dessert sorbets.

During the day, chefs will create unique, perfectly textured gelato, whilst also using their own professional knowledge to investigate the role gelato can play in plating techniques, dessert presentation and theming, inspiring them to consider the range of innovative gelato options and ingredients that could be included on their own menus. The impact of seasonal ingredients on gelato quality will also be investigated.

Following on from Carpigiani’s already renowned ‘Gelato University’ and ‘Gelato Pastry’ programmes, the ‘Foodservice Professionals’ modules have been conveniently arranged as independent one day courses held on Mondays to fit in with busy shift patterns. Providing chefs with access to invaluable industry expertise and allowing them to practise the complicated art of gelato making in a bespoke environment, away from the pressures of the kitchen.

Michele Stanco, Carpigiani’s Training & Development Chef, is excited to share his extensive knowledge:

“During the day we will help you to understand the many different types of ingredients that can be used to make gelato - assisting you in creating balanced recipes that can be stored and served perfectly every time. Learning how to balance virtually any gelato flavour you can think of, so that you won’t be a slave to uninspiring recipes anymore.

We will teach you the technical skills to incorporate gelato into your menu as a key ingredient instead of just a side, helping you to build gelato or sorbet into a multi-textured dessert expected of an a la carte menu.  We will problem solve throughout the day – teaching you the principles of gelato making so you can experiment, learn the rules, before you choose to break them, because after all, that’s where the magic happens…”

Module one of the Foodservice Professionals Course costs £225 per person, and runs from 9am to 4pm, with lunch included. To book a place on the course (subject to availability), or to find out more about the Gelato University – Foodservice Professionals training courses at the Carpigiani UK Development Centre in London, please call Carpigiani UK on 01432 346018 or visit www.carpigiani.co.uk or www.gelatouniversity.com/foodservice.

Carpigiani Gelato University (www.gelatouniversity.com), founded in 2003 as Carpigiani’s training division, is today recognised worldwide as a launch pad for successful gelato entrepreneurs across the globe.  Its mission is to teach the culture of quality artisanal gelato. Complete training programs, combining advanced teaching methods and a team of internationally renowned master gelato instructors, have brought the programme great success, the number of participants growing exponentially over the past few years. Today it is leading a sweet cultural revolution across the five continents. The main campus is in Anzola Emilia (Bologna), and there are other 11 satellite campuses located across the globe: UK, USA, Argentina, Japan, China, Germany, Russia, France, Brazil, Dubai, and Singapore.

Carpigiani's presence in UK dates back to 1993, when Carpigiani UK was founded. Since then, the British subsidiary has offered an intense training program based on CGU's methodologies, featuring around 30 seminars per year, reaching a total of 400 participants per annum.

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