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  • "mygelato app": the gelato is finally on your smartphone!
Sigep - Rimini Fiera, 18.01.2014

From the first day already, the public's answer has been more than positive and the download for the most innovative App for the gelato market, that will create a revolution in the communication and selling of gelato all over the world, are really hight!

The speakers at the conference were Enrico Amesso, Director Market Italy Carpigiani, and Dario Melpignano, Founder and CEO of Neosperience, an advanced platform that represents an italian excellence in its sector.

MyGelato app is an innovative application for gelato lovers, MyGelato Shop is a digital platform that allows gelato artisans to increase shop traffic, talking directly to current and potential customers.

With the MyGelato app, people can easily find the closest gelato shops anywhere in the world, be it Italy, USA, Australia, South America, or the Far East. MyGelato will reveal interesting facts and tasty news regarding this artisanal food, and, above all, will make it possible to give and receive gelato gifts with the beginning of the warm season! Is it the birthday of a friend who lives far away? Instead of sending a text message, you can offer a cone or cup at a local gelato shop near him. Making peace with loved ones or cheering up dear friends has never been so easy: a few clicks on your smartphone and…you’ve given the gift of a smile!

All gelato shops are added to the MyGelato Mapp, that will be always updated. In order to be more visible on the Map, Gelato Artisans just need to go to their Carpigiani retailer asking to be inserted in the map FOR FREE and becoming part of MyGelato Network. The only conditions are having a smartphone in the gelato shop and displaying MyGelato sticker on their entrance, so that gelato lovers can give and receive cones and cups.

Member shops of the MyGelato preferential network are more visible on the map as they have larger and colored icons, so that they can be easily recognized by those who use the app.

“MyGelato is an app that create a new business model for the gelato artisan, allowing him to take an advantage from the extraordinary diffusion of smarphone and tablet. An app creates new business for gelato shops, increasing the the traffic of their current customers, making them having more customers and sticking them to the shop. An app that brings the e-commerce in the gelato shop, not as an alternative to the physical presence on the shop but as a completion and extention to the world of personal digital device and to its 2,5 milion of users". Dario Melpignano

But that’s not all. Carpigiani has developed a modern digital platform called MyGelato Shop. The shops that have it can build targeted communication campaigns on Facebook, use the smartphone to catch the attention of those who live nearby, and expand business with e-commerce and home-delivery services.

Once artisans have made an app for their own stores using the MyGelato Shop platform, they can send news and invitations directly to the full MyGelato database (current and potential customers) and to Facebook. Linking to one of the two, the targeted public will find a private message on their smartphones or tablets.

“MyGelato Network has all the potentiality to create the biggest retailer ever, that makes of the biodiversity its own flag; all the gelato shops could take an advantage from it. My Gelato app will give a voice to all the artisan identities, even the smaller, that couldn't have the same "mediatic power" by themselves. Mygelato Shop will add to the visibility given by MyGelato app, a concrete communication instrument: communicating the tastes ,the ingredients and the own way of making gelato with the big media potentiality but with micro-marketing costs". Enrico Amesso

From January 18th, MyGelato app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play, while the MyGelato Shop digital platform can be pre-ordered from Carpigiani dealers for delivery in March 2014. 

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