Experience real daily activities in a Gelateria!

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Saturday Internship is a day of work at Gelateria Carpigiani and serves as an intensive training to review the practical concept you learned.

Internship Activities

• Laboratory conduct guidelines (uniform, hygiene, workflow)

• Base mix production (whipped gelato and soft gelato)

• Daily production of 18 gelato flavors 

• Workflow in a gelato shop

• Simulation of sales to public

• Daily cleaning and maintenance of equipment

• Production of complementary products: cakes, single portion pastries and sticks (depending on needs of the gelato shop)

Participants must have completed the advanced course.


The Saturday internship lasts 1 day. Work starts at 9:00 am every morning untill 2:00 pm including 1 hour lunch break*.


Maximum Number of Participants

The Gelato Internship allows for a maximum of 8 participants per week. In this way CGU can guarantee an optimal, personalised training.


Certificate of Participation

• Certificate of participation is granted for those who attend at least 80% of the course.


Date Flexibility

If the dates listed below are not convenient for you, please contact us at info@gelatouniversity.com and we will see if it is possible to make other arrangements that fit your schedule.




The daily schedule of Internship in Gelateria will change from February 2018


  • 13 Aprile 2019 - 13 Aprile 2019
  • 01 Giugno 2019 - 01 Giugno 2019
  • 06 Luglio 2019 - 06 Luglio 2019

Prezzo 300,00 € (366,00 € IVA incl.)
Prezzo dalla seconda persona in poi 300,00 € (366,00 € IVA incl.)

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