Enter the world of frozen dessert business: artisan ice cream, gelato and much more!

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Carpigiani offers courses from two specialized schools in the USA:

Frozen Dessert University 
The school aims to educate potential entreprenuers who want to enter the frozen dessert retail business on the priorities that are needed to be successful, and even more important, how can one produce the finest frozen desserts products: Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbets, Italian Ice, & Dairy-Free Ice Cream. The education style includes hands-on product training, so each participant can be ensured of a deep understanding of the production method to produce the finest frozen desserts. The workshop will also educate and illustrate to each participant all the business tools needed to be successful in the frozen dessert industry. The Frozen Dessert Business Course is specifically designed to provide our students with all the tools necessary to be successful entreprenuer  with a wide-range of knowledge, confidence and continued hands-on support from us, specifically how to go from first base to home plate with the hundreds of questions that can be answered from an expert who has been teaching individuals how to get into the artisan ice cream business for over 25 years.


Carpigiani Gelato Univesity
The school offers a deep-dive Immersion Course on Italian style artisan gelato for those who want to focus specifically on artisan gelato-making.
In 4 days, the course provides a thorough knowledge of high-quality Italian-style gelato-making, starting from ingredients, production cycle, recipe-making techniques and business plan.  For those who want to acquire additional knowledge of gelato, Carpigiani Gelato University offers a 4 week complete curriculum at its Bologna headquarters in Italy.  Those who have studied the Immersion course in the US can access directly the Intermediate course in Italy. 

Introduction to the world of Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet and more! Background knowledge to understand the different styles and even making our first recipe.

Sorbet, Water-Ice, Michoacán-style Ice Cream and More! Understand the classic water-based recipes, trendy tropical flavors as well as new Plant based recipes emulating creamy Gelato.

A look at the food costs & profitability of different Frozen Desserts and where the margins are made. Discover the “invisible” ingredient of Ice Cream and learn how to calculate overrun.

Now that you have learned about the different types of frozen desserts, Let’s learn how they are sold through diverse business models.

Learn the basics of what is needed to start your own Ice Cream laboratory. Turn your Frozen Dessert concept into reality from idea to business plan.

Frozen Dessert University E-Taste is a series of 5 online lessons, designed to give you a virtual taste of the Frozen Dessert University Experience! Sing up for the Bundle and Save!

The NEW Online Basic Gelato Course starting from May 2020 dates offers options for premium in-class enrollment with individual production station and the online auditor enrollment to participate “live” online. Select the option that suits you the best!

The NEW Online Intermediate Gelato Course starting from May 2020 dates offers options for premium in-class enrollment with individual production station and the online auditor enrollment to participate “live” online. Select the option that suits you the best and start personalizing your gelato by learning more about recipe-making and ingredients properties!

The NEW Online Advanced Gelato Course starting from July 2020 dates offers a complete gelato training by learning production techniques for innovative recipes

Add freshly made Ice Cream to your delivery business

Carpigiani Soft Serve Consultants is our network of distributors, chefs and community dedicated to working with you create Soft Serve solutions for your business.

Baron will show new and unique ways to market existing Ice Cream products and also add new frozen treats to the menu.

Proofread service of your business plan from Frozen Dessert University's Retail Coach. Receive suggestions before starting up your business!

With Chef Baron of Baron’s Gelato on Wednesday May 13th @ 12.00pm Central Time (CT)

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