The gelato artisan is undoubtedly one of the most beloved professions by both young and old alike. At least once in our lives each of has experienced the simple joy of walking into a gelato shop and being greeted by a display case overflowing with colors, fruits, toppings, and wafers. Gelato takes us back to our childhood, reminding us of forgotten aromas and granting us the opportunity to journey into the past just by savoring a particular flavor. 

A journey through time triggered by a simple taste, all thanks to the skill of the gelato professional who with wisdom and above all passion offers customers the sweetest product in the world.

But who is the gelato artisan today, and how much has this profession changed over time? Let's talk about it with Gianpaolo Valli, senior lecturer at Carpigiani Gelato University, a witness and promoter of the technical evolution of gelato, never forgetting its origins, quality, and authenticity.

Gianpaolo Valli tells us that the "simple" gelato artisan of yesterday, a keen connoisseur of loyal customers' tastes, has transformed over time into a true technician, an expert in the product and its ingredients, as well as the equipment and technology used for production. The modern gelato artisan knows that there’s no quality product without education and research, and understands that there’s always room for study and experimentation. Hence the emergence of new, increasingly in-depth and specific training courses focused on product analysis, production methods, and raw materials.

The modern gelato artisan must be able to maintain the trust of their clientele by respecting tradition and remaining faithful to classic flavors, but they must also not ignore the new trends and market demands. The profession changes along with their customers, because the customer of today is a more conscious and informed consumer. This leads to greater research into raw materials, attention to the product’s origin, artisanal production of the ingredients themselves, and the choice of small batches. There's a selection of products with less environmental impact, the result of a decision to be respectful of the environment we live in, precisely so that gelato – a sweet that represents us – continues to be a faithful friend.

Particular attention is also paid to gelato as food. Gelato must be a product suitable for everyone. Hence, the offering expands, display cases are filled with flavors without added sugars, without lactose, without the use of animal products, and much, much more.

A fundamental aspect, Gianpaolo continues, is communication. Today the gelato artisan knows that they cannot remain closed in their laboratory. They must be able to communicate their product even before the customer tastes it, presenting it attractively to those who are unfamiliar. Hence, the choice of creative marketing campaigns. 

In short, today's gelato professional is the same as before, a person capable of bringing joy with a spoonful of goodness, brightening a tough day or topping off an already pleasant one, but with a brand new awareness – the need to engage with a more attentive audience and take on more intense competition, armed with many new tools such as training, increasingly cutting-edge equipment, and high-quality ingredients.

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Gianpaolo Valli

Gianpaolo Valli è un rinomato tecnologo alimentare specializzato in scienza e tecnologia del gelato. Inizia la sua carri...



gianpaolo valli

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