COMPLETE CURRICULUM Become a Gelatiere (Basic + Int + Adv + Intern)

Promotions Next date available : Monday 22 May 2017
Do you want to be ready to manage a gelato shop laboratory in 1 month? Sign up for the complete curriculum promotion and save up.
4.000,00 € (4.880,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Basic Gelato Course

Basic Next date available : Monday 22 May 2017
To learn the basic practical concepts necessary to run a gelato shop.
1.000,00 € (1.220,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Intermediate Gelato Course

Intermediate Next date available : Sunday 28 May 2017
To acquire all fundamental knowledge required to become a professional gelato artisan!
1.200,00 € (1.464,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Advanced Gelato Course

Advanced Next date available : Monday 5 June 2017
To complete the range of products the gelatiere will be able to offer in the gelato shop
1.200,00 € (1.464,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Intensive Internship in Gelateria

Internship in a gelato shop
An interesting working experience in a real gelateria.
1.200,00 € (1.464,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Gelato Sensory Analysis: Learn to taste artisan gelato like a glass of wine

Special events Next date available : Saturday 27 May 2017
In collaboration with Centro Studi Assaggiatori di Brescia, Carpigiani Gelato University will teach you a scientific method to evaluate the quality of gelatos!
100,00 € (122,00 € VAT incl.) More info

International Basic and Pre - Intermediate Gelato Course in Singapore

Next date available : Monday 15 May 2017
The courses to future entrepreneurs who want to acquire the knowledge about gelato.

Internship in Gelateria (4 Days)

Internship in a gelato shop
To apply what you have learned during lessons working in the unique reality of Carpigiani Gelateria
1.200,00 € (1.464,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Saturday internship

Internship in a gelato shop Next date available : Saturday 10 June 2017
Interested in doing the Gelato Week Internship, but you can't free up for a week? Join 1 day internship!
300,00 € (366,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Curso Básico de Heladeria

Basic Next date available : Monday 19 June 2017
Curso básico de heladeria de Carpigiani Gelato University en Bologna
600,00 € (732,00 € VAT incl.) More info

Gelato Grundkurs in Bologna

Next date available : Monday 27 November 2017
Sind Sie überzeugt und entschlossen, Speiseeishersteller zu werden? Mit dem Grundkurs Gelato Week Base schaffen Sie in drei intensiven ganzen Tagen eine solide Grundlage für Ihre, um Ihre Eisdiele zu eröffen.
550,00 € (671,00 € VAT incl.) More info
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