Born in 2003 because of the goal to spread the Italian artisan gelato culture, Carpigiani Gelato University today is the first gelato school in Italy and abroad. Landmark for gelato chefs, entrepreneurs, chefs and pastry chefs, the school is a solid and leading reality, available for those who desire to learn or deepen the art of Italian gelato.

Thanks to Carpigiani’s pluriannual experience in technology and gelato equipment, Carpigiani Gelato University has at its disposal the biggest gelato laboratory in the world, where students can have hands-on practice realizing recipes with the best experienced gelato instructors.

The team of gelato instructors is composed by the best professionals of the sector, but not only this one. Each instructor’s resume is rich of national and international experiences, in every specialty of food. Every year more than 2000 people choose to attend the courses at Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, offered in several languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian and many others. Thanks to an international team of certified gelato instructors, we count more than 4000 students in our 11 international headquarters.

Over the years, the school has created and developed important academic collaborations with the mains schools, institutes and university in gastronomic sector.

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