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Leicester , 31.10.2014
Nestled in the cultural centre of a city renowned for its significant historical links dating back as far as the Domesday Book, business partners Daniele Taverna and Antonio De Vecchi designed and launched Gelato Village, an exciting new venture that will bring delicious, homemade gelato and sorbetto to the people of Leicester.

With a real passion for quality, local independent businesses and having identified a niche in the market, the concept for Gelato Village came from Antonio’s experience gained on the Carpigiani Gelato University course, as he alludes:


“Daniele and I had been toying with the idea of setting up our own gelato parlour for a while. Researching the different options available, it soon became clear that as the market leaders in artisan equipment, Carpigiani could help us to reach our goal of providing an outstanding and diverse range of frozen treats. Right from the outset, we knew that it would be a big mistake to compromise on quality at any stage, least of all in the making of the gelato and sorbetto itself. Enrolling on to the Carpigiani Gelato University course, I knew I would be provided with a useful reference point and much of the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to implement the business model.”


Shortly after attending the course, Antonio and Daniele were introduced to their dedicated sales manager, Tommy who, in conjunction with top designer, Lorenzo Rosa and building contractors V.S. Builders and NJS Electrics, each hand-picked by Daniele, was able to assist in the formulation of a detailed business plan, ideas on specific equipment requirements and even shop fit and designs needs. Antonio continues:


“Since the very beginning, the service we have received from CarpigianiUK has been second to none. Supporting us through each step, the team’s experience, dedication, commitment to quality and their knowledge of equipment has really shone through. We were lucky enough to find an ideal spot right in the heart of the city at the end of 2013 and that’s when the hard work really began. Having secured the site, the Carpigianiteam was on hand once again, working with our various contractors to assist with the design and fit of the entire parlour. Everything from the counter and service area, display cabinets and cupboards, customer seating and tables and of course the artisan gelato production equipment was all taken care of by the team from Carpigiani.”

When it came to the production equipment, Antonio and Daniele settled on the latest Carpigiani Maestro HE Batch Freezer, a Pastomaster 60 RTL pasteurising machine and a Carpigiani Turbomix blender, Antonio explains:

“With the success of the business built around the quality, consistency and variety of gelato and sorbetto we produce, it was essential for us to have the right equipment. The Maestro HE for example is an outstanding piece of kit, capable of both freezing for gelato and heating for chocolate sauces and custards in one, simple to use appliance. The unit offers us complete versatility at all times. In addition, the Maestro is easy to use and is able to quickly produce large batches or flavour runs in a short period of time, something that is essential to us, especially during busy periods.”

Having fitted out the parlour, installed the equipment and finalised the branding, Daniele and Antonio sought the assistance of one of Carpigiani’s leading development chefs from Italy, Cristian Bonofiglioli to help create a unique offering that would immediately become a big hit with customers locally and from further afield. Antonio continues:

“The location of Gelato Village in the heart of Leicester city centre not only benefits us in terms of customer flow but also in terms of the availability of locally sourced produce from the numerous daily markets located nearby. With this almost endless supply of delicious ingredients we were keen to make the most of the opportunity and bring in one of the top development chefs within the Carpigiani Group. Cristian worked tirelessly in the days leading up to the grand opening to help train our team in everything from the perfect base mix to some of the more unusual flavour combinations we could become renowned for. He even helped us to create a special limited edition Richard III flavour to celebrate the rich history and links to the city.”

With the guidance and assistance provided by the team at Carpigiani UK, Daniele and Antonio were able to open Gelato Village on time and to a well-received audience of customers. Antonio concludes:

“While Carpigiani UK and our dedicated team of contractors were taking care of our every need, we were able to concentrate on marketing and publicising our venture. Since opening at the end of August 2014 we have had some fantastic feedback from our customers, many of which are prepared to travel a long way, just for the taste of our real homemade gelato. We are grateful for all the help and support the team at Carpigiani have been able to provide and we look forward to working with them further in the future.”

To find out more about Gelato Village, please call 0116 319 2252 or visit the website at www.gelatovillage.co.uk.

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or require expert assistance to revamp your existing establishment, please call Carpigiani UK on 01432 346018 to find out more about their technologically-advanced product range, shop design and installation service or Gelato University courses in the UK.  Alternatively, please visit www.carpigiani.co.uk.


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