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Gelato Master Course Online

Do you still have unanswered questions after the Advanced Gelato Course? Do you have your own gelato laboratory and you still want to know more about balancing and gelato-making techniques? Master Gelato Course Online is what you need!

The course

How can I create concentrated bases? What should I do to check the consistency of all my gelato recipes? Is it possible to create my recipes with better control over flavor and temperature perceived during tasting?

The Master Gelato Course has been designed to answer these and all the needs of gelato makers!

Course objectives
At the end of this course you will be able to balance a recipe targeting specifically its sweetness, structure and temperature. You will be able to create and personalize your base mixes and toppings. You will have acquired specific knowledge on flavors and food pairing.


It is requested to have the knowledge of reverse balancing method, Sweetening Power and Anti-Freezing Power or have completed the Advanced Gelato Course. 

Subjects covered
• Dedicated bases: formulation and analysis
• Freezing point curve: freezing point depression of gelato mix 
• Elements for consistency control of the mix:
- Proteins
- Polysaccharides (Fibers, etc.)
• Water control index: what is it and it's importance in gelato production
• Balancing of a recipe starting from the flavor and Food pairing

The course lasts 4 days. It starts at 9.00 am CET and ends in the evening at 2.00 pm CET, with a 1h lunch break.*
The certificate of completion of the course is handed to the students who attend at least 80% of classes and pass the final exam.

* the dates of courses can be modified if it is not reached the minimum number of students requested

Price 500,00 € (610,00 € VAT incl.)

  • 22 April 2024 - 25 April 2024


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