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This Carpigiani Gelato University course is a tutorial video that lasts 95 minutes. You can order it and watch it in your personal area, as many times as you want, on your computer at home.

The course

Who is it for?
A complete teaching video, suitable also for new gelato artisans.

Course objectives
To learn the theoretical concepts, fundamental in the production of superior quality sorbets and fruit flavoured gelato.
This tutorial video allows gelato artisans to enlarge their cultural and practical knowlegde.
It also allows new gelato artisans to move safely their first steps in the Gelato world.

Minimum system requirements
PC: Pentium Processor or superior, 125mb RAM or superior; 900 MB of hard disk space; Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7.
Mac: Operating System OSX v10.5; 125 mb RAM or superior; 900 MB of hard disk space Memory

Subjects covered

  • Introduction
    • Calculator, scale, refractometer and…
    • ...All the equipment needed for a good Gelato!
  • Sorbet: some history
  • How to choose fruit
  • How to wash fruit
  • The defrosting art
  • Maximum hygiene at work
  • Sugars in gelato: simple or complex?
    • Dextrose
    • Fructose
    • Sucrose
    • Maltodextrin
    • Sugar syrup Z.L. (liquid sugar)
    • Let’s pasteurize!
  • Our fruit sorbet recipes
    • Lemon
    • Orange/grapefruit
    • Strawberry
    • Peach/apricot
  • Fruit gelatos
    • Banana
    • Fragola

To watch the video you need to have Windows Media Player or Quick Time on your computer.
You can freely and easily download them clicking on the names above.

Price 150,00 € (183,00 € VAT incl.)
Price from second person onwards 150,00 € (183,00 € VAT incl.)

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