A 2 day full immersion into artisan gelato for restaurant chefs in to explore the opportunity of inserting artisan gelato in a restaurant menu, not only as desserts but also as part of main course.

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Course Objective: 
Explore the opportunity of inserting artisan gelato in a restaurant menu, not only as desserts but also as part of main course.

Course Duration
2 days - 16 hours  (Theory and Demonstration) form 9.30 to 5.30

Course Content

Day 1:
•    What is gelato?  Composition and Production process
•    Logistical challenge of gelato in restaurants: serving and conservation
•    Water-based Gelato vs. Milk based gelato
•    Demonstration: Coffee Sorbet dessert
•    Production of stabilized sugar syrup
•    Demonstration:  Fruit sorbet served on ricotta cheese cream
•    Production of white base mix
•    Flavouring guidelines:  compensation techniques
•    Demonstration: Hazelnut gelato with chocolate ganache
•    Infusion techniques
•    Demonstration: Classic vanilla gelato served in a "fried" version
•    Demonstration: Chocolate gelato served on top of fresh fruit

Day 2:
•    What is savoury gelato?
•    The concept of savoury gelato as part of the main course.
•    How to create a harmonious contrasts of temperature, texture and flavor with an element of surprise.
•    Use of different types of sugars: Anti-freezing power and sweetening power
•    Production of stabilized sugar syrup for savoury gelato
•    Production of white base for savoury gelato
•    Entrèe demonstration: Cucumber sorbet with smoked salmon
•    Entrèe demonstration: Prociutto gelato with a cheese toast
•    Main course demonstration: Green peas sorbetto with a warm mozzarella wrapped in speck
•    Main course demonstration: Anchovies gelato bruschetta with broccoli and olives
•    Main course demonstration: Pecorino cheese gelato with potato bread and spinach
•    Digestive demonstration: Herbal digestive gelato with salad and orange zest


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