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Pear Sorbet & Strawberry-flavoured Fresh Appetizer

Bologna, 02.02.2017

Gelato can be something original, added in a traditional recipe or mixed with a sparkling wine!

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Smooth as chocolate, fresh as lime. An incredible gelato recipe with toppings! ... read more


A simple recipe made unique by the waves of soft gelato, which maestro Luciano Ferrari garnish with silky, colorful and rigorously natural toppings  ... read more


A simple gelato recipe can become a special elegant dessert! ... read more


A video recipe created by our instructor Cristian Bonfiglioli made to recreate in a glass the unique bouquet of Italian flavours. ... read more


Pastochef, not only custard: pastry chef Andrea Fiori presents us the recipe of the pear-lemon-ginger jam ... read more


100% italian passion ..in a new cool vesion! ... read more

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