Chef David Vidal's signature gelato desserts

Discover the amazing plated desserts of Chef David Vidal

The course

Who is it for?
This event has been designed for chefs, pastry chefs and gelato makers who want to discover a new way to pair flavors and plate inviting gelato-based desserts.

Event description
Cooking Show by Chef David Vidal, Head Chef at Hotel Laholmen in Strömstad, Sweden. During this video, Chef David Vidal presents his dessert gelato recipe in three different variations: plated, take-away and single portion. 

Chef Vidal started his career in Malta where he worked with his family in his uncles pastry shop, later I attended the Institute of Tourism Studies, where he was trained on both the savory and dessert sections. He was also a member of Culinary Team West of Sweden and competed in the culinary World Cup 2018. He spent the last years running the kitchen at Laholmen Hotel as well as traveling around the world doing masterclasses in pastry. 

1,5 hours

This is a video lesson.


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