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  • Carpigiani gelato university is ready for sherbeth festival
cefal?, Sicily, 13.09.2011
More than 20 free courses to learn Sherbeth's art... from fruit!
Carpigiani Gelato University's Maestri are ready for conquering Cefal?: the most renowned Gelato school in the world is going to participate to the Sherbeth Festival, the international festival on artisanal gelato.

For the first time in the Festival's history, Carpigiani Gelato University is moving for 4 days to Cefalù, where visitors will have the opportunity to attend the University's exclusive lessons and learn how to switch "from fruit to sherbet" in a gelato parlour.

The most famous gelato school worldwide founded in 2003 in Anzola dell'Emilia, will offer continuous cycles of mini-lessons (45 minutes) tailored for the general public and some of artisanal gelato secrets will be revealed to Sherbert Festival visitors.

Participation to lessons is free: 80 people will be admitted to each session (in Italian and/or in English) in which Carpigiani Gelato University Maestro Roberto Fiorino, will reveal the ingredients behind artisanal gelato, sorbets' healthy and wholesome properties, the origins and the evolution of "sweet ice" and basic notions for successful balancing, batching, pasteurizing and conservation processes.
Visitors will also have the chance to use real gelato machines under the supervision of Carpigiani Gelato University Maestri.
The Maestri will be assisted by tutors, assistants and... two Gelato Pioneers ready to change their lives opening a gelato parlour abroad!

Vincenzo Maresca and Angelo Toscano, who are among the Italians who quitted their jobs and decided to open a gelato parlour abroad, will be in Cefalù to get ready for their adventure in South East Asia after attending Carpigiani Gelato University's innovative courses.
Do you want to know more about the lessons and book your place? Visit www.sherbethfestival.it!

Moreover, Carpigiani, Sherbeth Festival's sponsor, is going to provide a huge production lab in Cefalù's Corte delle Stelle where the 36 selected gelatieri of the 5° Sherbeth Festival will be able to produce top quality and creative gelatos.

40 state of the art Carpigiani's machines for the production of artisanal gelato (batch freezers, pasteurisers and turbomixers), design showcases and mega-screens are going to be provided in one of the most evocative Italian locations.

Will the 36 selected gelatieri and Carpigiani Gelato University Maestri be able to craft the future Sherbeth?

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