London, 31.05.2017
Gelato, but not as you know it!
Old Spitalfields Market, June 16th - June 18th

Everyone loved ice cream, but then they discovered gelato – but do you know how it originated, and more importantly the difference between ice cream and gelato? To discover all of this in one amazing event, whilst tasting some of the best gelato you can buy, be sure to visit The Gelato Festival when it returns to London for its 3rd delicious year at Old Spitalfields Market between 16-18th June.

What sets this gelato apart from anything you can buy in a gelaterie is the choice of decadent flavours. The London Gelato Festival combines eating sumptuous gelato with a competition where the top two flavours will compete in September to be crowned the European Gelato Champion (think Eurovision, for the tastebuds!). What delicious flavours can you expect to sample at the London Gelato Festival? It’s top secret. The sixteen competitors have their secret recipes, only revealing them on Friday 16th June, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June, from 11am to 7pm (12pm to 7pm on the Friday); at Old Spitalfields Market in London. Entry is free but to sample the gelato delights created, go online to www.gelatofestival.it/en/ticket and order a wristband for your chosen day with discount prices on advance sales (£12 per person or a family ticket from £25). Remember that it is Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June and what better way to celebrate than to treat dad to a day of gelato.

Gelato was invented in 559 by Bernardo Buontalenti, an artist who, at the Court of the Medici, created a dessert made of milk, honey and egg yolk. It was a culinary success and although at first, it was exclusive to the kitchens of the Italian nobility, before long it spread, first throughout Italy and then to France, taken there by Catherine de' Medici.

Gelato, sorbet or ice- cream? To be clear, gelato is made with a higher proportion of milk to cream than ice-cream, so it’s lower in fat but produces a more intense flavour. It is also churned more slowly therefore less air is whipped into gelato, producing a denser dessert. It is also served at a slightly higher temperature than ice-cream. Sorbet is completely different, made from water, sugar and fresh fruit and usually served as a palate cleanser during a meal.

Head over to Old Spitalfields Market on Friday 16th June (from 12pm to 7pm), Saturday 17th June (from 11am to 7pm) or Sunday 18th June (from 11am to 7pm), pre order wristbands online for a discount or pay upon entry. Take part in the voting and taste the most exquisite gelato flavours, created by some of the leading gelato artisans.

Gelato Festival can count on a strategic partnership both with Sigep by Italian Exhibition Group and Carpigiani Group.

Eni is the Global Partner of the european tour.

Gelato Festival in Europe is made with the support of PreGel with ‘Pino Pinguino’ Main Sponsor, Mec3 with ‘Cookies The Original’ Silver Sponsor, ‘IFI’ Official Technical Sponsor, ‘Cartoprint’ Packaging Sponsor, ‘Badiani’ Sponsor, ‘Paolo Penko’ Partner, ‘Vivaticket’ Partner. Gold media partner Punto IT, Silver media partner Il Gelatiere, internet media partner ‘Dissapore’ and ‘I Food’.

For more information www.gelatofestival.it has all the details and an online ticket area & to keep up to date with the latest news see @GelatoLondon on twitter or search for “Gelato Festival” on Facebook & Instagram. 

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