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  • Sigep 2018 - carpigiani presents the technology that revolutionizes the laws of recipe balancing
Rimini, Italy, 09.01.2018
Fiera di Rimini, 20-24 January 2018 - Hall C1 stand no. 61

The company's Research and Development division and Carpigiani Gelato University present a world premiere of new technological solutions to process recipes with low levels of solids, like those without added sugar. An average reduction of 40% for mixes that up to now were impossible to freeze.

The science of gelato has some fixed points, one of these being that the right balance between liquids and solids is critical for a creamy and pleasant result on the palate. At Sigep 2018 (Fiera di Rimini, 20-24 January) Carpigiani will present a technology that revolutionizes the process of creating gelato recipes, making it possible to freeze mixes considered imperfect or unbalanced with an average reduction of 40% of total solids (sugars, fats, milk proteins, fibers, stabilizers, emulsifiers). With this mode, for example, you can create a delicious and creamy strawberry sorbet that contains only the fruit's natural sugar and no other added sweetener, reducing its glycemic impact by about 70%.

All this will be possible thanks to Carpigiani's technology and the know-how of Carpigiani Gelato University that will present this innovation in its world premiere at Sigep 2018, the international artisanal sweets trade show organized by Italian Exhibition Group. The Carpigiani booth will be situated in Hall C1, and during its courses visitors can participate in a workshop (every day at 12:30 pm in Italian and 3:30 pm in English) to learn which technologies to use and how to balance the new recipes that make it possible to produce creamy gelato with very low levels of solids - for example without added sugars - while still maintaining a perfectly soft and creamy structure. This is not the first time that this has been attempted, but until now solutions have always involved the addition of alternative sugars like stevia or maltitol to reduce the glycemic impact and adding other ingredients from the so-called "solids" family (fats, milk proteins, fibers, stabilizers, emulsifiers) to obtain the same texture with a reduced average contribution of 40%. The innovation was made possible by years of work by the Research and Development division of Carpigiani, where technicians and engineers worked with instructors of Gelato University to achieve the results that will be presented during the 2018 edition of Sigep. Trends involving new healthy and "free-from" recipes in the world of gelato have become popular over the years, initially associated with an attention to food allergies, then to reducing glycemic impact, and lately to vegan and vegetarian solutions. Thanks to the new technologies in batch freezers of the HE range and on the Ideatre counter batch freezer, the company from Bologna is able to breathe new life into the growth of the gelato business in Italy and throughout the world. The results will be on display for all to see at Sigep's C1 Hall where Carpigiani will welcome visitors to its 850 square meters of exhibition space.
Journalists are invited to reserve a seat at the workshop by writing to michelaiorio@carpigiani.it
For more information visit www.carpigiani.com or come see us at pav. C1, where the Carpigiani Team will guide you through the world of gelato.

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