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  • Sirha 2018 - talentos do gelato
Sao Paulo, 25.01.2018

Carpigiani of Brasil has the honor of sponsoring another competition in search of great professionals in the area of gastronomy who are versatile, creative and agile. But more than that, they know how to make a traditional handmade gelato and how to take this product to another level, expanding its horizons.
The “Talentos do Gelato” competition is in the 3rd national edition and has registrations open until February, 6th. After the inscription will be selected four pairs that will defend a theme and a concept to apply in the test, according to regulation, on March 14, 2018 during Sirha São Paulo Expo.
Our great Maestro Gelatieri Frederico Samora is one of the people responsible for the creation and organization of the competition, which aims at enhancing the gelato industry, promoting and rewarding the gelato artisan professional. The great opportunity to host the Talentos do Gelato competition at the Sirha fair is to put it at the same competitive level as other major international competitions that will be hosted at the event, such as the national finals of the prestigious competitions Bocuse d'Or and Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie. Showing the versatility and knowledge necessary for the production of a perfect gelato in texture, flavor, creativity and presentation that the professional of the area must have, showing its equality in competence and preparation with the biggest confectioners in the country.
Each pair will feature a salty gelato finger food, a frozen pie and a decorated vat. The three productions should be composed of artisan gelato and please the carefully selected jury, made up of technical professionals and journalists.
The year 2016 was a success and presented different and creative products, valuing Brazilian elements and presented by young people and students. In 2018 Carpigiani decided to keep this door open, hoping to be even more impressed with the content being presented
The champion was the pastry chef Leticia Orenga (Santo André - SP), who conquered the jurors with their recipes. Among them, its gelato based bavaroise of cumaru, strawberry gelato and champagne, jelly of roses, biscuit and pâte sucrée of almonds and glaciers of bitter chocolate!
For more information: sirha-sp@sirha-saopaulo.com or (55 21) 2441-9319.

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