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Anzola dell'Emilia, Bologna (Italy), 11.01.2013
Ready to change your life and open a gelato shop abroad? There are 40 spaces available for two delicious scholarships (worth ?15,000 each), and this time the doors are open to everybody, not just Italians. Gelato lovers, professionals, office workers, factory workers, entrepreneurs, students, homemakers, artisans...this is your chance!

On the heels of a successful first edition, registration has started for the 2012-2013 “Gelato Pioneers” scholarships. How many people at least once in their lives have thought, “I’ll just drop everything and go live on the other side of the planet!” The most popular gelato school on the planet is starting up the second edition of its Gelato Pioneers program, promising the support of Carpigiani’s global network so that entrepreneurs can open gelato shops anywhere in the world.

New this year: registration is now open to non-Italians who embody the spirit of gelato and will therefore be eligible to compete for the scholarships offered by Carpigiani Gelato University, realizing their dreams of opening a gelato shop abroad in just a few months!

“The challenge is two-fold,” says Carpigiani’s CEO Andrea Cocchi. “Spread the culture of artisan gelato and make the dream of many Italians come true, developing a turnkey start-up model in a difficult economy that requires investment in one’s self and the values of one’s culture to find success. The key to success in 2013 will not be necessity but rather the passion for gelato and for business,” affirms Cocchi. “Carpigiani continues to invest in people who are talented and motivated to overcome this challenge and to make available to them the strength of the company’s unrivaled international network.”

The number of potential gelato pioneers is extremely high when one considers that in the past three years Carpigiani Gelato University has doubled the number of course registrations, reaching 15,000 this year. The investment is long term thanks to the support of Carpigiani Gelato University which has acquired ample educational experience over the years and can offer the support of selected advisers in every country on earth (key protagonists being Carpigiani’s sales network located in more than 100 countries), dedicated to helping these new pioneers through the adventure that will change their lives. The objective is to build successful businesses that last. Do you want to change your life and become a Gelato Pioneer? Fill out the application published at the www.gelatouniversity.com website and submit it by 15 May 2013 to info@gelatouniversity.com.

Gelato Pioneers Project (2nd Edition)


Complete the standard four-week training at Carpigiani Gelato University (Gelato Week Base, Gelato Week Intermediate, Gelato Stage, and Gelato Week Advanced) by June 2013. Cost: €3,500 + VAT (for the same start-up project, any additional colleague will be charged €2,900 + VAT).

Complete the Gelato Pioneers week-long course (3-7 June 2013 or 14-14 June 2013). This course, which will be held first in Italian and then in English, focuses on the retail aspects of the business, so that the Gelato Pioneers can have all the tools required to open a successful activity. The course is organized in collaboration with Risorsa Uomo, a leading consultancy firm.

Available positions:  40

Cost: €1,200 + VAT (for the same start-up project, any additional colleague will be charged €1,000 + VAT).

All those who participate in the Gelato Pioneers course and open a gelato shop within 24 months will receive:

·         3 days of on-site Master Consultancy by a Carpigiani Gelato University instructor when the gelato shop opens (market value €4,100 + VAT).

·         1 Carpigiani Turbomix (market value €5,900 + VAT).

·         Reimbursement of the cost of the Gelato Week Base course (in the form of a €900 voucher). This voucher can be used against purchases of Carpigiani equipment in the following 18 months.

·         Sigep 2015 attendance. Carpigiani will pay for food and lodging for one day.

Winner Selection

At the end of the Gelato Pioneer course, the 40 participants will be evaluated based on the exam results and the final project work. Two winning students will be selected based on talent, motivation, and merit. There will be one winner for the Italian language, and one for the English language.


The two winners of Gelato Pioneer 2012-2013 will receive two scholarships (market value €15,000 each) which cover:

·         A one-month internship at Carpigiani Gelato Lab.

·         Participation as Carpigiani Gelato University Production Coordinator at Sigep 2014, the gelato trade’s most important convention, where the official awards for the Gelato Pioneers 2nd edition will be handed out.

·         Participation in the “New Gelato Artisan” category at an international gelato festival.

·         Permission to use the “Gelato Pioneers 2013 Edition” logo. The Gelato Pioneers will be allowed to use this brand on their own signs as long as they open a shop by June 2015 and they spend at least €40,000 on new Carpigiani machines.

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