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Carpigiani Gelato University, 16.11.2010
Keegan Gerhard, Alessandro Racca, Biagio Settepani and Carpigiani Pastochef together...With "Gusto"!

Chef Keegan Gerhard of Denver's D Bar Desserts was assisted by Alessandro Racca the third day of the StarChefs Congress 2010, in dehydrating the myriad of uses for the Carpigiani Pastochef.
Contrary to popular belief, it produces consistent results not just pastry chefs but also for savory chefs. Chef Gerhard's Passion Fruit Curd with Brown Butter and Tarragon showed just how creative you can get with this piece of equipment. Pastry creams, ice creams, soups, condiments, polenta, and sauces are achievable with consistent results, and it can cut back on errors from unskilled labor, as Chef Gerhard pointed out.

In the picture attached from left Livia Chiriotti, director of La Pasticcieria Internazionale, the famous Pastry Chef Biagio Settepani, Stefano Pavesi director of sale and marketing for Carpigiani North America, Chef Keegan Gerhard award winning pastry chef and the former host of the Food Network series Food Network Challenge and Alessandro Racca, corporate pastry chef for Carpigiani Group.

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