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Recipe e-Book: Kaleidoscope - Recipes, ingredients and techniques from all over the world

Download "Kaleidoscope" recipe book with recipes from all over the world, created by Carpigiani Gelato University Maestros.

The course

Kaleidoscope is an editorial project, developed in collaboration with Pasticceria Internazionale-Chiriotti Editori, which celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Carpigiani Gelato University with international and multidisciplinary contributions by the school's instructors.

This recipe book is unique in its collection of preparations, ingredients, techniques and suggestions from all over the world. 

• 38 gelato and sorbet recipes
• 8 cake and pastry recipes
• 13 recipes for topping, sauces, variegations and glazes
• 30 complementary preparations

Recipes from: Argentina, Brasile, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, UK, USA.

Adriano Colle, Alberto Massensini, Alessandro Racca, Alice Fin, Andrea Bandiera, Andrea Bistaffa, Andrea De Bellis, Andrea Fiori, Antonio Mezzalira, Bas Van Haaren
Belén Cimino, Carolina Nannini, Ezequiel Gomez, Fabio Lopez, Gabriele Vannucci, Gianpaolo Valli, Giovanni Salerno, Guido Zaghetto, Gunter Single, Joe Yates, Juan David Buitrago González, Chronos Chan, Luca Cappelletti, Marco Filippelli, Margot Baietta, Matteo Carloni, Michele Bartolini, Ryosuke Mogaki , Palmiro Bruschi, Paolo Valerio, Roberto Luraghi, Salvatore Naselli, Si Yeon Yoo, Stefano Ferrara, Stefano Marcazzan, Stefano Marinucci, Stefano Tarquinio, Stéphan Augé. 

Charity project
Profits of this project will be donated to Food for Soul, whose mission is dedicated to saving food from waste while nourishing those food insecure around the world with dignity and inclusion. Since 2015, Food for Soul and their global network of Refettorio Partners have collectively rescued more than 1069 tonnes of food from waste, serving 2.2 meals to over 1.2 million guests with hospitality. Through their social kitchens and the support of 100K + chefs, volunteers and community organizations, their impact is supporting a more just sustainable food system with social and environmental responsibility.

Price 60,00 € (73,20 € VAT incl.)

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