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Gelato and sorbets with alcohol: the new balancing technique

Learn how to balance alcoholic gelato and sorbets with new techniques and new ingredients

The course

Who is it for?
For gelato artisans who want to offer something special to different targets.

Course Objectives
Understanding of technical characteristics of gelato with alcohol 

Subjects Covered
- Gelato with alcohol
- Balance an alcoholic gelato recipe
- Balance an alcoholic sorbet recipe
- Controls the destabilization of alcohol on gelato
- Ingredients suitable for the alcohol and alcohol environment
- Alcohol infusion
- Alcohol and alcohol
- Demo: gelato and sorbetto recipe

The organization and content of the course can change due to logistical needs of CGU.

For any info,  contact us ,  tel. 051 650 5457

Price 250,00 € (305,00 € VAT incl.)

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