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Masterclass - Gelato and sorbets in the dessert menu with Loretta Fanella

One of the protagonists of modern pastry reimagines gelato and sorbets in restaurant desserts.

The course

Gelato was born as a protagonist of the Renaissance tables and today it returns to them thanks to the creativity of chefs and pastry chefs. This Masterclass with Loretta Fanella and Andrea De Bellis is aimed at presenting exclusive recipes for a small dessert menu and to stimulate a reflection on how to include the cold element in the creation of a new dish. By purchasing the course you will receive: video lesson; slides used during the lesson; recipe book. The course is realized in collaboration with Pariani.

Subject covered
 Creation of a dessert menu with elements of gelato and gelato pastry
 Recap of recipe balancing
 Table service

Loretta Fanella, pastry chef
Andrea De Bellis, pastry chef and Carpigiani Gelato University instructor

The online course lasts 2 hours.

To book
Sign up for the course via this page, you will receive an email with the link for the lesson.

*the course may be subject to changes if the minimum number of students is not reached.

Price 50,00 € (61,00 € VAT incl.)

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